about me

hi! i'm lily! i am an 18 year old trans bunny (she/her pronouns, please <3) and an aspiring (and bad ;-;) artist/cartoonist. i am SHY AS HECK!!! my dream is to one day make my very own cartoon! but for now i'm sticking to making comics since that is more realistic for someone on their own. i'm not very good at drawing, but i like to think that i am improving!

i've always been very intrigued by 90s/early 2000s style websites, and i wanted to make my own! so i did! i don't remember too much about these old style sites, but i must've visited some of them. i specifically remember old youtube and homestar runner, among other things.

i wanted to host this on neocities since i thought it would fit in, but i already had this domain and i wanted to use it, so i went with github pages instead, since i didn't need a premium account to use my own domain.

name: lily

age: 19

gender and sexual identity: girl, she/her, bi

mbti personality type: infp

likes: animation; scene, webcore, kidcore; rhythm games; making comics and characters and telling stories; literally anything cute!

interests: rabbits; pop'n music; sanrio

favorite shows: elinor wonders why; harvey beaks; chowder; the amazing world of gumball; wow! wow! wubbzy!; sarah and duck; bluey; chibi maruko-chan

favorite movies: pretty much any studio ghibli movie, especially ponyo; the animal crossing movie

favorite video games: pop'n music; jubeat; parappa the rapper; vib-ribbon; undertale/deltarune; celeste; half-life

current hyperfixations: elinor wonders why

last updated dec 24th, 2020. will update later with extra buttons and blinkies down at the bottom here.

copyleft 2018-2021 lily b.
10/21/14 - you will always be my Melody